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Janitorial Worker in Local 32BJ Union gets 1.5 Million Dollar Settlement

Another client of Morgan Levine Dolan, a janitorial worker in Local 32BJ union,  gets 1.5 million dollars in a settlement.  After being struck by a forklift while walking on the sidewalk, this union member injured her neck and lower back.  The attorneys at Morgan Levine filed a lawsuit against the company who employed the forklift

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Young Teenager Struck by Van on Park Avenue in New York

A 13 year old boy was critically injured when he was struck by a van on Park Avenue in New York.  The driver of the van claimed the boy walked out into the street from between two parked cars.  The driver also said the boy was crossing the street against the light. Regardless of whether

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NYC crane inspector convicted of falsifying records gets probation

In March 2008, a New York City crane accident left seven people dead. It was determined that the inspection of the crane, along with several others, was falsified by a crane inspector. The crane inspector faced criminal charges for his role in the deadly crane accident, but he was later acquitted. He was, however, convicted

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Negligent driving often has tragic results

People in New York City and others living elsewhere should use caution whenever they are driving. In addition to remaining attentive at all times, drivers need to be sure they are driving the speed limit. As always, people need to avoid drugs and alcohol before they get behind the wheel. Officials in New York say

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Multiple Deaths in Bus Crash in California

It has been reported that the death toll in a Southern California tour bus crash is expected to rise Monday as authorities try to get to bodies still inside the bus. The bus had rearended a car as it traveled on the highway. This accident is another reminder of how dangerous a bus accident can

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32BJ Union Member Receives 2.9 Million Settlement

Another janitorial worker represented by Morgan Levine receives award in an accident where an air conditioning vent fell while he sat below in the lunch room during a lunch break. This 32BJ union member suffered a head injury when the vent, which was not properly secured by the owner of the building, fell on top

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