Taxi Cab Kills Another Pedestrian in Car Accident

Another New Yorker was killed earlier today when a yellow cab struck her as she stood on the sidewalk.  There may have been another car involved in the accident and the investigation is ongoing.

This is the third pedestrian killed in a car accident in New York in the last week. Many other pedestrian car accidents have happened during that time and the attorneys at Morgan Levine Dolan have been retained on several pedestrian accidents.

Duane Morgan of Morgan Levine is currently handling over one hundred cases involving car accidents.  Many of these accident involve pedestrians like this New Yorker who was killed this morning.  Mr. Morgan investigates the accident and makes sure all possible rights and benefits are given to either the injured person or their family member.  Mr. Morgan has earned a reputation in New York as a lawyer who fights for the rights of his injured clients when they cannot fight for themselves.

To speak with Duane Morgan or Jared Levine, contact Morgan Levine Dolan today.


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