We'll fight for your client

The attorneys at Morgan Levine Dolan have consistently obtained great results for their clients and have been recognized nationally for these results. This is why many of the cases handled by Morgan Levine Dolan come from attorneys who want lawyers with experience and a proven track record.


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We offer high referral fees to attorneys on most cases

We do this simply because we value our relationships with referring attorneys and we want lawyers to refer cases to Morgan Levine Dolan. We pride ourselves on the fact that not only do we obtain higher values than a general practice attorney, we obtain higher values on similar cases handled by other personal injury attorneys. This is why many good personal injury attorneys contact Morgan Levine Dolan to assist in their cases.

For example, earlier this year, our law firm settled a referred matter for $3.25million. Several other law firms had rejected this case. The referring attorney was paid over $350,000.00. This referring attorney was able to expand his practice using this money, pay his overhead for over a year and provide more benefits for his employees. In fact, we have recently paid referring attorneys over $1.5 million on personal injury cases.

We want to hear from other lawyers. If you have a client who may have a case, please call 212.785.5115 or contact us online.