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Trenches pose a risk to construction workers who enter them as well as those who work near them. It can be easy to dismiss the danger of a trench, especially less deep ones. But, even a trench that is no more than chest deep can cause serious injury or loss of life.


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more than $500 million RECOVERED FOR OUR CLIENTS

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A union crane operator fell from a crane injuring his shoulder and sustaining a concussion.
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A construction worker injured his leg when a load of construction materials being hoisted fell.
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A construction worker injured his lower back while attempting to lift a steel I-beam.

more than $500 million Recovered For Our Clients

Trench accidents fall into several categories

Cave-in/collapse — Improper shoring can leave a worker buried and crushed under sufficient weight to cause very serious injuries, including asphyxiation.

Falling into a trench — Workers can fall into unguarded trenches. They can also be injured if they are standing on the lip of an improperly shored trench that gives way.

Heavy machinery falling into/collapsing a trench — When heavy machinery comes too close to the edge of a trench, even one that is properly shored, it can cause risk of cave-in/collapse or the machinery falling in the trench and injuring workers in the trench or the operator.

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