Long Island Railroad Accident Lawyer

Recently, there have been several accidents involving the Long Island Railroad. Many commuters and visitors in the New York City and Manhattan areas have been affected by these terrible tragedies as injuries sustained are catastrophic or even fatal. These can be complicated cases as both insurance companies and the rail line companies will fight back and deny any wrongdoing. That is why it is imperative that your personal injury attorney have the experience and skills to handle railroad accident cases.


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Recent Results

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A 4-month-old infant passenger in an S.U.V. that rolled over on Route 95 in Virginia when her father lost control of the vehicle.
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A Bronx man who sustained a degloving injury to his arm when he was hit by a truck at the Hunts Point produce market
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An off-duty firefighter who sustained a degloving injury to his leg causing him to miss 20 weeks of work when his motorcycle was hit by a truck on Route 84 in Greenville, NY

Protecting The Rights Of Injured Commuters And Visitors

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Long Island Railroad Crashes

Many commuters throughout the Long Island, New York City and Manhattan areas rely on the railroad everyday to get to work. The negligence of either the railroad company, conductor, supervisor or any other party involved with the reasonable care, maintenance and safety of the railroad can be held liable for any injuries or deaths.

Serious Accidents & Deaths

Recently, derailments and other train accidents in the New York area have caused serious accidents and deaths. A recent derailment on the Long Island Railroad caused delays for days for many commuters. While the derailment avoided catastrophic injuries, it may be a matter of time before a more serious accident occurs as this may be a sign of improper maintenance.

Experienced Lawyers

Fortunately, at Morgan Levine Dolan, P.C., we have handled these types of claims and actually sued the rail line companies. Our Long Island Railroad accident lawyers understand that the injuries from these accidents can be severe and result in a dramatic change in your quality of life. Let us help you and your family seek maximum compensation for any damages suffered so that you can move on with your life and focus on healing from such a terrible accident.

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