Cancer Misdiagnosis

Early diagnosis is essential to catching and treating all different type of cancers. This is simply because the more time a patient has to fight cancer, the better their odds are at beating it. Failing to diagnose or misdiagnosing any cancer is a deadly mistake.

Treatment of an early diagnosed cancer typically results in the need for surgery, radiation treatment, chemotherapy, other medication regiments, therapy, and other treatment. With stage one being the most treatable, and stage four being the mot severe and difficult to treat, it is imperative for a healthcare provider to timely and aggressively treat the cancer.

When a sick patient goes to a doctor with several symptoms and none are properly evaluated by a doctor, precious time is stolen. When a diagnostic test is misread, a patient’s cancer continues to fester, grow stronger, and become potentially incurable.

A wrong diagnosis or missed diagnosis is a type of New York medical malpractice. A victim of a cancer misdiagnosis may be entitled to significant damages due to the mistake of the doctor and the progressed stage of cancer. For instance, if a test was performed and misread to be normal, and if competently read would have yielded a diagnosis of stage one cancer, and the error was later discovered and the cancer was now stage four, the victim will be entitled to compensation for this medical malpractice mistake. In the worst case scenario, if the patient ends up dying from the diagnosis, this can result in a wrongful death case.

A patient, or family member of a deceased patient, needs to have an experienced New York medical malpractice attorney who will fully investigate the case. This investigation requires a team of medical experts to establish the condition, prove the significant damages, and establish liability for the negligent healthcare providers. Doctors who misdiagnose cancer must be held accountable and liable for their potentially deadly mistake. If you or a loved one has cancer and has been misdiagnosed by a doctor, please contact Jared Levine at Morgan Levine Dolan at 212-785-5115 today.