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Construction worker Angel Ezpinoza dies after being struck in head.

A worker has died after being struck in the head in a construction accident in Upper Manhattan Thursday afternoon.  The scene of the construction is at the 13-story building on Riverside Drive near the northern end of Riverside Park in Morningside Heights. The property is owned by a non-profit organization, International House. Authorities say it appears

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Bridge Construction Worker Severely Injures Leg

A 49-year-old male construction worker was injured on the lower level of the Bayonne bridge earlier today. He sustained a severe leg injury and is being treated at Richmond University Medical Center.  The injured worker is part of the crew dismantling the lower level of the span due to the “Raise the Roadway” project. The

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A guide to ladder safety

Ladders are necessary components of any New York construction site. Nevertheless, any workplace tool that involves climbing to a point that’s higher than your body will increase the chance that you will suffer a serious injury. Let’s say you’re painting a two-story wall at a construction site. You may need to elevate yourself to reach

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Scaffold regulations: Is my workplace in compliance?

If you’re a New York construction worker, there’s a good chance that you regularly find yourself working on a scaffold. In fact, you might spend all day, every day working on a scaffold. These important pieces of construction equipment are useful to reach high places and provide a sturdy work surface from which to perform

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