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New York Work Injury Law Blog

A guide to ladder safety

Ladders are necessary components of any New York construction site. Nevertheless, any workplace tool that involves climbing to a point that’s higher than your body will increase the chance that you will suffer a serious injury. Let’s say you’re painting a two-story wall at a construction site. You…

Federal repeal of ‘blacklisting rule’ could affect worker safety

During the last administration, workers’ rights groups and unions pushed for a rule to protect workers. This rule, enacted in 2015, was often referred to as the “blacklisting rule.” It required that any company bidding on federal projects with budgets above half a million dollars to report violations…

Cyclist Fatally Struck By Box Truck In Manhattan

Kelly Hurley, 31, of the Lower East Side, has died from the injuries she sustained after falling off her bicycle and being struck by a box truck on First Avenue and East Ninth Street, police said.   The driver of the box truck, whose name has not been…

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