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An amputation has lasting physical, emotional and financial effects on an accident victim. He or she may incur very high medical costs and need extensive physical therapy. The victim may experience considerable pain and suffering, first in the immediate aftermath of the accident, and afterwards due to “phantom pain syndrome.” If the amputation victim works in a manual occupation, he or she may not be able to return to work.

As a victim of negligence, you have the right to seek compensation for your financial losses and suffering. You should speak with an experienced personal injury lawyer as soon as possible.

New York City Injury Lawyers

At Morgan Levine Dolan, P.C., we are strong advocates for people who have suffered amputations as the result of motor vehicle accidents, construction accidents, industrial accidents and medical malpractice. We work diligently to help our clients obtain the financial resources for needed medical care and rehabilitation therapy, as well as compensation for lost income, change in lifestyle and pain and suffering. We are committed to obtaining maximum compensation for every client.

Amputations Resulting From Medical Malpractice

Failure to monitor a patient for a blood clot following surgery is a potentially lethal act of negligence. If a blood clot develops and is not found in a few days, it could threaten the life of the patient, requiring amputation of the limb.

Our attorneys have extensive experience in medical malpractice litigation, including cases involving post-operative medical negligence. We have the technical resources, financial strength and advocacy skills needed to prevail in these challenging cases. When representing you, we will work diligently to obtain full compensation for your financial losses and suffering.

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