New York Work Injury Law Articles

NYC group bringing awareness to dangers of bicycle accidents

As traffic fatalities are on the rise in New York City, an environmental advocacy organization is focusing on protecting a particularly vulnerable group of commuters – bicyclists. The group, Time’s Up!, is taking action to spread awareness about the frequent lack of criminal charges filed against motorists who cause fatal collisions with bicyclists. Recently, the

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Never-ending winter can make for some icy New York City sidewalks

This winter has been particularly miserable in New York, especially since multiple run-ins with the polar vortex have left many with the impression that there is no end in sight. Indeed, at almost every turn Mother Nature has tested the resolve of New York residents with historic low temps and near record snowfall totals. This

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World Trade Center construction site: Tips for injured workers

Unfortunately, accidents at the World Trade Center construction site are not uncommon. One construction worker suffered serious injuries after falling 15 feet while attempting to install a steel beam. The Huffington Post reported that the worker broke both arms and seriously injured his head when he slipped on something at the site. The same report

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Workers on Second Avenue subway project suffering injuries

Many construction workers are suffering injuries while working on the Second Avenue subway project. In April 2009, workers began construction on the Second Avenue subway project, the largest expansion to New York City’s subway system in generations. Phase one of the $4.4 billion project is almost complete, with the blasting for the first station completed

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In New York City, falling objects endanger workers and bystanders

With construction booming in New York, accidents involving falling objects are increasing, sometimes leading to fatal results. Statistics show about one passerby is struck by a falling object each month Earlier this year a young woman was struck and killed in Manhattan by a piece of plywood that was blown off of a construction site,

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Legal options for parents of bullied children

On behalf of Jared Levine If other attempts to improve your child’s safety have failed, a lawsuit may be an option. Bullying remains a large problem in schools. According to the National Association of School Psychologists, over 3.2 million children are bullied every year, including both physical and verbal abuse. The traditional school bully is still

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