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Multiple Deaths in Bus Crash in California

It has been reported that the death toll in a Southern California tour bus crash is expected to rise Monday as authorities try to get to bodies still inside the bus. The bus had rearended a car as it traveled on the highway. This accident is another reminder of how dangerous a bus accident can

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32BJ Union Member Receives 2.9 Million Settlement

Another janitorial worker represented by Morgan Levine receives award in an accident where an air conditioning vent fell while he sat below in the lunch room during a lunch break. This 32BJ union member suffered a head injury when the vent, which was not properly secured by the owner of the building, fell on top

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Father of elevator accident victim files lawsuit

In 2011, a New York City advertising executive was killed in an elevator accident as she was on her way to work. Last year, city officials determined that repairmen working on the elevator at the time did not follow proper safety procedures. The victim’s father recently filed a lawsuit in Brooklyn Supreme Court. Five employees

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Fatal crash on Long Island

Using a cell phone while driving a car can result in devastating consenquences, especially when trying to maneuver around train tracks. Those injuries may even prove to be fatal in some instances. While the facts of how a very recent accident happened on Long Island remain unclear, the driver of the car may have been

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Teenager dies in chain-reaction crash on New York interstate

Many car accidents are the result of inattentive driving. When drivers aren’t paying attention to the road, people can be left with serious injuries. Those injuries may even prove to be fatal in some instances. Although it is unclear what caused a recent New York accident, inattentive driving may have been a contributing factor. The

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Construction workers injured in recent crane collapse

Although construction work is inherently more dangerous than some other jobs, people who work in construction expect that work sites will be safe. Construction workers in New York City and beyond expect to return home safely at the end of the day. Recently, however, seven construction workers were injured when a crane collapsed in Long

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