Another Multi-Million Dollar Result from Morgan Levine Dolan for a Construction Worker Injured on the Job

Duane Morgan and Jared Levine once again obtained another multi-million dollar result for one of their hurt construction workers. In June 2008, a scaffold worker was erecting scaffold when one of the pipes fell, striking him in the head. Even though one of his co-workers dropped the pipe, the owner of the property and the general contractor were responsible for the accident.

After being discharged from the emergency room later that day, he was sent home. He continued to work for over nine months, visiting few doctors over that time for his head, neck and back pain. After those nine months, the pain became worse. He finally went to several spine specialists and ultimately had a lower back surgery.

Our client had met with several attorneys right after his accident and all lawyers rejected his case. Morgan Levine took his case because we saw how badly his life was affected. We knew the owner of the property and the general contractor needed to be held responsible for causing this horrible accident by not giving the union worker proper safety protections.

The lawyers for the owner and general contractor said his accident was not their fault and he deserved no financial compensation. They even said he was faking his injuries and tried to make it look like he was another person who was able to work. This union scaffold worker needed a team of lawyers to prove his difficult case and that is exactly what he got. In the end, the defendants paid $3.25 million dollars.

He can now care for his wife and small daughter even though he can never work again. To speak to Duane Morgan or Jared Levine about representing you in your case, even if another lawyer told you there is no case, contact our office at 212-785-5115.


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