32BJ Union Member Receives 2.9 Million Settlement

Another janitorial worker represented by Morgan Levine receives award in an accident where an air conditioning vent fell while he sat below in the lunch room during a lunch break. This 32BJ union member suffered a head injury when the vent, which was not properly secured by the owner of the building, fell on top of his head. The client was taken to the hospital where he was on the verge of being released after just a few hours before the doctors finally discovered how serious the injury was.

From the moment the accident happened, the owner of the building claimed they were not at fault. They said even though they had recently performed work on the vent, it was not their responsibility when a vent falls from their own building. In essence, they pointed the finger at the injured client saying he shouldn’t have been sitting there.

It took the lawyers of Morgan Levine Dolan to bring this case all the way to the trial Court and have a Judge determine the owner they were 100% responsible for the injuries sustained by the 32BJ union member. Thanks to the legal expertise of Beth Morgan of Morgan Levine Dolan, this union member now has enough financial stability for the rest of his life.


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