Young Teenager Struck by Van on Park Avenue in New York

A 13 year old boy was critically injured when he was struck by a van on Park Avenue in New York.  The driver of the van claimed the boy walked out into the street from between two parked cars.  The driver also said the boy was crossing the street against the light.

Regardless of whether what the driver said is true, the attorneys at Morgan Levine Dolan have won hundreds of thousands of dollars for parents and children who are injured in the exact way claimed in this accident. Regardless of what the pedestrian child is doing, a driver of a motor vehicle must use reasonable care in the way they drive. 

Lawyers need to be called right away to investigate an accident like this.  We look into how fast the driver was driving or whether the accident happened in a school zone.  We look to see if a “Children at Play” sign is nearby or whether the driver of the car was using a cell phone improperly.

Just because the driver says it was a young child’s fault does not mean that is true.  Contact Morgan Levine Dolan today for a free consultation regarding your child’s pedestrian knockdown accident.

Source: NY Times


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