Drivers can prevent crashes by remaining attentive

New York City residents and others living elsewhere know that smoking is bad for them. They also know that excessive tanning can lead to skin cancer. Despite the potential dangers, some people choose to ignore the warnings.

The same can be said for distracted driving. In New York, laws prohibit drivers from using their cell phones while they are driving. However, distracted driving car accidents still occur.

When people are distracted by things in their car they put themselves and others in danger. Distracted driving crashes injure thousands of people each year and lead to many fatalities.

New York City drivers may think twice about using their cell phone while they are driving after they hear about one teenager’s tragic story. An 18-year-old girl was in front of her home last month when a distracted driver hit her. She became pinned between the car and her own parked car. The teenager survived the accident but has already had to endure five surgeries.

That is often the case for victims in distracted driving crashes. People may be forced to undergo surgery, endure lengthy hospital stays and months of rehabilitation. In addition to the toll on a person’s well-being, extensive injuries can leave people with exorbitant medical bills.

In this specific case, police also believe the driver may have been intoxicated. When people choose to engage in risky behavior they can face criminal penalties and civil lawsuits.

New York City residents who are injured by a negligent driver would be wise to learn about their legal options. With the right help they may be able to obtain compensation.

Source: KSL, “Victim of distracted driving: ‘two seconds’ changed my life,” Mike Headrick, Feb. 19, 2013


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