Cop Car Responding to 911 Call Strikes, Kills Pedestrian in Queens

A cop car allegedly responding to a 911 call struck and killed a pedestrian in Queens early this morning. Reports from the accident say the person was crossing outside of the crosswalk at the time he was hit.

The laws in New York allow emergency vehicles certain privileges which do not apply to the public. Emergency vehicles are allowed to go through steady red lights, speed or go down the wrong way of a one way street as long as they slow down. However, these vehicles cannot drive with complete disregard for human life.

The attorneys at Morgan Levine investigate accidents which involve emergency vehicles. While the reports of this particular accident which happened this morning revolve around what the pedestrian was doing, we look at what the police officers were, or were not doing. For example, did they have their lights and sirens on, or can we confirm there was an actual emergency to which they were responding. What were the results of the mandatory drug tests performed on the officers after the accident. These and other important facts are why hiring a lawyer as soon as possible after an accident with an emergency vehicle is important.

Source: NBC New York


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