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Shorter buildings pose heightened risk to construction workers

Considering that falls and falling objects are some of the biggest contributors to construction accidents, you might think that shorter buildings are overall safer for construction workers. You’d be mistaken, in that case. Currently, in New York City, workers are most at risk at non-union job sites, which…

Here’s how commercial construction workers are often injured

Do you live in New York City? Do you work in the Big Apple? If so, you know one thing to be true: You don’t have to look far to find a construction site. As a commercial construction worker, there is nothing better than the thought of doing…

5 tips to help keep construction workers safe

Construction workers are in a dangerous profession. There isn’t any room for unsafe practices when you are in this industry. Employees count on employers to make sure they have the equipment, tools and other points necessary to get the job done safely. When safety isn’t a priority, construction…

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