5 tips to help keep construction workers safe

Construction workers are in a dangerous profession. There isn’t any room for unsafe practices when you are in this industry. Employees count on employers to make sure they have the equipment, tools and other points necessary to get the job done safely. When safety isn’t a priority, construction workers might end up becoming injured at work. Consider these points regarding construction worksite safety.

#1: Inspect equipment before use

Before using any equipment, complete an inspection on all equipment and gear required for the job. Tag out any items that aren’t in good repair. Make sure that you have proper safety equipment for the job you are doing. Use reflective vests around moving equipment and fall protection if you are working from higher heights. It is always better to have a job take longer than expected because of using proper safety practices than it is to have someone get injured or killed.

#2: Learn and follow proper safety protocol

Construction companies have specific safety protocol for hazardous jobs. Make sure that you follow the protocol. The United States Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) requires minimum safety standards for many jobs. A company that isn’t following these standards or hasn’t implemented any standards at all might be in violation of OSHA regulations.

#3: Stay aware of what is going on around you

You must always stay aware of what is going on around you. Have a spotter work with you if you are operating heavy machinery like cranes. If you are working around heavy machinery, wear reflective clothing and safety gear so that operators can see you. If there are any safety concerns about what is going on at a job site, those must be addressed right away.

#4: Alert higher-ups about safety issues

Always let supervisors know when there is a safety hazard to address. Reports that you make about safety hazards might help prove that the defect was present and unaddressed if you end up having an accident because of the hazard. Follow the estab lished procedures for reporting hazards.

#5: File injury reports and find out about workers’ compensation

Accidents at construction sites can cause serious injuries. File a report with your employer even if you don’t think you suffered an injury. Follow the protocol established by your employer for seeking medical care for injuries suffered at work. Additionally, file for workers’ compensation to help you cover medical bills and so you can receive other benefits of the insurance coverage.


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