A guide to ladder safety

Ladders are necessary components of any New York construction site. Nevertheless, any workplace tool that involves climbing to a point that’s higher than your body will increase the chance that you will suffer a serious injury.

Let’s say you’re painting a two-story wall at a construction site. You may need to elevate yourself to reach the highest parts of the wall. The problem is, our bodies aren’t meant to fall from heights. Falling while standing on ground level is the extent that a human should ever have to endure.

The risk of falling from six feet, ten feet, or 20 feet is a deadly one, so you need to be very careful every time you use a ladder.

Advice for staying safe while using a ladder

To stay safe while using a ladder, you’re encouraged to keep the following guidelines from the American Ladder Institute in mind:

— If you notice any feeling of dizziness or tiredness, or if you might lose your balance, do not use a ladder.

— Avoid ladder use during a storm or high wind.

— Wear slip-resistant shoes and make sure they’re clean of any dust or debris.

— Leather soled shoes are a no-no when it comes to ladders because they can be very slippery.

— Inspect ladders to make sure they’re in excellent condition before using them.

— Loose or missing parts on a ladder indicate that you should not use it. Also, if the ladder leans, sways or is rickety, don’t use it.

— Chose the right size ladder for the job. If it’s too small, you may run the risk of stepping up to one of the dangerous steps at the top, which you shouldn’t be tempted to use.

— Check the duty rating of the ladder and don’t exceed its maximum weight allowance after calculating your weight and the weight of any tools and equipment you’re using.

— Only one person at a time may use a ladder.

— Be sure to read all on-product safety information before using the ladder. This information is vital to ensure your safety.

Did you get hurt after falling from a ladder on the job?

New York employees who suffer ladder injuries can usually receive workers’ compensation benefits to pay for their medical care. In some situations, it may be possible to pursue a personal injury claim for additional financial compensation.


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