What should you know about crush injuries at a construction site?

Crush injuries are serious matters that can impact workers at a construction site. Many different objects, including heavy machinery, can push construction workers against something and pin them there.

When a worker is pinned, he or she can be crushed. The same is true if something falls atop of a worker and crushes him or her underneath. All construction workers should know some basic information about crush injuries.

What is a crush injury?

A crush injury occurs when a person is squished between two heavy objects. There are actually several different types of injuries that qualify as crush injuries. Smashed fingers or toes are on the minor end of these injuries. Internal bleeding and nerve damage are on the more serious side. In the most serious cases, the person who is crushed can die from the injuries.

What are some signs of a crush injury?

A crush injury is usually obvious when a person is seen between the objects. Once the person is freed, he or she might suffer from bruising or lacerations. Bleeding might occur. In some cases, the person might lose consciousness if there are internal injuries or considerable blood loss or lack of oxygen because of the incident. Amputated digits or limbs are also possible.

What is compartment syndrome?

Compartment syndrome occurs when the muscle tissue is damaged. This syndrome causes tissue death in the affected area. It also causes increased pressure in the damaged limb. The affected muscle tissue releases toxins when compartment syndrome is a factor. This makes the situation an emergency. Compartment syndrome might not be evident for a few hours to days after the injury occurs.

What treatment is necessary after a crush injury?

A crush injury requires emergency treatment, especially if the accident was horrific. In some instances, you might have to have surgery, a hospital stay, medication management or similar treatments. Rehabilitation might also be necessary if the injury impacted your physical abilities. The road to recovery can be lengthy and some injuries might not ever heal up fully.

What kind of compensation can a worker seek?

Injured construction workers can file for workers’ compensation coverage. This can help to get them the medical care they need and possibly coverage for lost wages while they heal from the injury. Other options might be possible. If the injury is because of a defective piece of equipment, for example, filing a third-party claim might be possible. In this case, you would seek compensation from the company who produced the defective equipment.

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