Cyclist Fatally Struck By Box Truck In Manhattan

Kelly Hurley, 31, of the Lower East Side, has died from the injuries she sustained after falling off her bicycle and being struck by a box truck on First Avenue and East Ninth Street, police said.


The driver of the box truck, whose name has not been released, made a left turn onto Ninth Street when Hurley slipped off her bike and into the path of the truck. The truck did not have a crossover mirror, which is required for large trucks with front blind spots by city law, officials said.


According to officials, the driver turned onto the rightmost lane, crossing four traffic lanes before making a left-turn and striking Hurley. The driver made a complete stop before the turn.


The driver was slapped with a summons for the crossover mirror. The investigation is ongoing and the no arrests have been made yet, officials said.

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Source: DNAinfo


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