What to do if you’re injured in a construction site accident

Every job has its risks. People in every industry can and are injured on the job, often requiring medical attention. That’s why there are law protecting workers, including laws requiring that employers pay into workers’ compensation and that set standards for safety on the job.

Even when everyone complies with safety regulations, there’s still risk of injury, especially for those who work in dangerous fields, including construction. If you’ve been injured in a construction site accident, whether due to someone else’s failure to comply with safety regulations or simply due to an unpredictable accident, you should speak with an experienced attorney as soon as possible.

Construction work is dangerous work

There’s no question about it. Construction is dangerous work, and those who regularly work on construction site face real risks on the job. In fact, according to information from the Bureau of Labor Statistics, in previous years, it’s been the industry in New York with the highest number of worker fatalities.

Because of that risk, there are a number of safety regulations, from the requirement to wear hard hats on a site with machinery to the need for special training for those who operate large machinery on construction sites. Even with those extra steps to prevent injuries, they still happen far too frequently.

A construction injury means you’re losing income

Some construction workers are contract workers, meaning that they may not have employer-sponsored short-term or long-term disability insurance offered. Even those who work as full-time labor for a company may still find that their coverage has gaps when they need it the most.

From medical bills including immediate trauma care, surgeries, and physical and occupational therapy to covering the loss of your income while you’re healing (or even training for a new career, depending on the extent and the severity of your injuries), there are a lot of expenses that can result from a construction worksite injury.

An attorney can help protect your family and your future

All too often, insurance companies and even employers will try to pass responsibility for medical bills back and forth following a worksite accident. Your medical insurance may refuse to cover bills they believe should be covered by workers’ compensation, and workers’ compensation may refuse to pay until they’ve completed an investigation and conferred with your employer.

In the meantime, you will still need medical care and a way to pay for it. Consulting with an attorney as soon as you can following your injury is the best way to determine what recourse is available to you in the wake of a construction site accident.

Attorneys can speed up payment or seek additional relief

Insurance companies are more likely to pay quickly, and employers are more likely to cooperate with a workers’ compensation claim if they know the person who was injured has legal representation.

In cases where corner cutting and violations of safety laws contributed to the worksite injuries, an experienced litigation attorney can bring a lawsuit, potentially recovering funds to help you handle your medical bills and lost income. The best way to minimize the financial impact of a worksite injury is to call an attorney as soon as possible.


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