Two Toddlers Killed From Radiator Burns In Cluster Site Apartment

Two young girls were killed after the radiator in their shelter apartment filled the room with scalding steam as they napped, officials said. The incident happened at 720 Hunts Point Avenue, which was used by the city’s Department of Homeless Services as cluster-site housing, officials said.


The toddlers, Scylee Vayoh Ambrose, 1, and Ibanez Ambrose, 2,  were placed down in a crib to rest by their parents when a valve on a radiator came off and sent steam spurting into their room, officials said.


The two girls suffered first, second and third degree burns all over their bodies, police said.  They were taken to Lincoln Hospital where they were both pronounced death.


Peter Ambrose, the father of the girls, suffered a burned hand, officials said.


The parents were taken to a local police station, but they are not expected to be charged, officials said.

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Source: DNAinfo


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