MTA Worker Killed After Hit by Subway Train

Three MTA workers were on the subway tracks between Hamilton Parkway and Church Avenue stops just after midnight when a southbound G train pinned two of the workers against a catwalk as it rounded a curve. The third was not harmed. Ironically, they were setting up a safety zone and lights for work to be done during the night.

Tragically Louis Gray, age 53, died later Nov. 3 of injuries from the accident at Maimonides Medical Center. The first responders were delayed because power to the train track needed to be cut before any sort of rescue could be mounted. Eventually rescuers lowered a stretcher down an emergency exit to get the two injured workers. The operator of the train was also taken to the hospital because of the shock and trauma the accident caused.

According to a statement by New York City Transit President Ronnie Hakim, “All safety standard are being reviewed with employees and a ‘safety stand down’ order – requiring all nonemergency track work to cease — has been issued while an investigation is underway.”

But Gray’s grieving widow is already asking for answers. “I want to know what happened,” Mary Abdul Laatif told the Daily News in a recent story. She will eventually get some answers once the investigation concludes.

It will also be a good idea if she gets advice from a personal injury lawyer experienced in the field of NYC transit accidents. While there is insurance through Gray’s work, there may be additional compensation once the investigators get to the bottom of why the accident occurred.

If you, a friend or a loved one has been injured or killed in an accident while on the job or a even a train, the first order of business after getting medical help is to get legal help. The MTA’s investigation will be thorough, but its conclusions may lean toward the agency’s benefit. An attorney can be a huge benefit to the victim and their family to make sure there is proper compensation commiserate with the injuries involved in the accident.


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