Exploding Phone Injuries Prompt Samsung To Recall All Galaxy Note 7s

Several new incidents of reported overheating by the Galaxy Note 7 replacement phones has prompted Samsung to recall its Galaxy Note 7 phone line altogether.


Samsung has already issued a recall of its popular phone line back in September, asking consumers to turn in the devices for replacements. However, there have been several reports of new incidents of overheating by the replacement phones over the past week.


The Associated Press reported that four consumers had their replacement phones catch fire. Two were from Kentucky, one was from Minnesota, and another one was from Hawaii.

Dee Decasa of Honolulu, Hawaii received her replacement phone on Sunday morning, according to reports. While she was holding it, the phone exploded in her hand, she said.


“Then boom, there was like a pop. I had it in my hand and then smoke started spewing out, this green yucky thing,” Decasa said.


Samsung has blamed the phone’s batteries as well as a manufacturing defect for causing the phones to explode and catch fire.


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Source: ABC New York


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