Glenn Dolan of Morgan Levine Dolan Obtains Another 7 Figure Result

This month, partner Glenn Dolan of Morgan Levine Dolan negotiated a $1,650,000.00 settlement on behalf of a 53-year-old, union bus driver who sustained an exacerbation of prior neck injuries when her bus was hit by a van making an illegal turn across five lanes of traffic.   Our client received emergency room treatment two days after her accident, beginning a course of orthopedic care and pain management.  

With the help of her doctors, she was able to return to work eight months later, continuing to work another two years despite the ongoing pain, until she experienced a further exacerbation of her neck injury, necessitating surgery and permanently disabling her from employment.  The settlement will provide this single mother with compensation for the pain and suffering caused by the defendant, as well as financial security as she faces ongoing medical expenses without employment.


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