We help New Yorkers hurt in car accidents

Cars are a wonderful invention. They add comfort and convenience to a world of activities from going to the store and running other errands, to going on a cross-country road trip. But while using a car can be a great convenience, it is also one of the most dangerous activities a New Yorker will do in any given day. After all, cars weigh thousands of pounds and travel at high speeds. One mistake can send one speeding mass of metal crashing into another. When that happens, people get hurt or die.

When the worst happens and a car accident occurs, a variety of maladies are possible. Some of the more common ones include injuries to a person’s neck, back, knees and brain. A person can also suffer fractures, soft-tissue injuries and even paralysis.

When these injuries strike, New Yorkers hurt by a negligent driver have options. One option is to bring a personal injury lawsuit that not only holds the responsible party accountable, but also provides compensation to help with medical costs, pain and suffering and more.

Morgan Levine Dolan, P.C. can help. We can help from start to finish, from arranging medical care to pursuing the maximum compensation available. We have decades of experience helping New Yorkers recover from the effects of a car accident.

To learn more about car accidents and how the firm can help you maximize your recovery, check out our website. One click could be the start to getting the help you need to start the healing process and receive the compensation you need to move forward with life.


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