We help New Yorkers pursue premises liability claims

With ownership comes responsibility. Every New Yorker who owns a home, a piece of property or who runs a business that is open to the public has a responsibility to keep their premises reasonably safe. If they do not and it leads to an accident, they may have to pay to make it right.

Consider an example. A grocery store owner must keep the store’s floors dry. If a customer walks into the store with snowy shoes, which melts and leave puddles around the store, those puddles can be a hazard. Each puddle is a potential slip-and-fall when a customer walks by focused on the products on the shelves rather than the hazards on the floor. If these puddles were sufficiently obvious that the store owner should have known about them, then the owner is liable for the damage caused by the puddles regardless of whether the owner actually knew about them.

A slip-and-fall accident is just one common scenario. Other common premises liability situations include icy or broken sidewalks, debris near a construction site and hotels with inadequate security.

When one of these situations — or others — injure a New Yorker, they may have legal options, including a premises liability lawsuit. To learn what those options are and how to pursue them, New Yorkers may benefit from speaking with an experienced premises liability attorney. In other words, someone like us.

We have decades of experience helping New Yorkers pursue premises liability lawsuits. We start fast and leave no stone unturned. Those are important traits because the key pieces of evidence in a premises liability lawsuit tend to disappear quickly. Puddles evaporate or get mopped up; video gets erased; witnesses forget what happened.

To research their options and how we can help, New Yorkers may want to check out our website.

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