New Yorker killed during crane mishap

Cranes litter the New York skyline. They are an ever-present symbol of the city’s perpetual growth. But while they are essential for growth, they are not without risk. They carry heavy loads high above workers and pedestrians and can lead to construction-related injuries. When something goes wrong, workers and pedestrians often do not sense the danger until it is too late to do anything about it.

Take, for example, a recent crane malfunction that killed one worker. According to reports, a boom crane truck was around East 44th Street and Second Avenue when it had some sort of hydraulic malfunction. The malfunction caused the driver to get out and investigate. While he was investigating, the crane toppled onto him. The fire department rushed to the scene but by the time they could raise the crane and pull the man out, he was dead.

The death came as shock to those in the neighborhood. They knew the man as a nice person with a ready smile.

Following the accident, the Department of Buildings ordered an immediate stop-work order until it had time to review the crane. The Occupational Safety and Health Administration is also looking into the death.

In cases like this, the loved one’s of the deceased worker may have legal options, including a wrongful death lawsuit. Though a lawsuit is small comfort to those who have lost someone they love, it can help the family hold the responsible party accountable. It can also provide compensation that loved one’s need and to get through a difficult time.

New Yorkers who find themselves in this position may benefit from discussing their situation with an experienced construction injury attorney.

Source:, “Worker Killed in Midtown Crane Accident,” April 25, 2015


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