Get help following a construction accident

Construction workers work hard; they build the buildings and infrastructure that is essential for other New Yorkers. But construction work is not the safest profession. Every day construction workers step onto the job site, they are at risk of a wide range of serious, even fatal, injuries. When those risks become a reality, injured workers have rights and potentially a workers’ compensation claim.

These rights are essential because an on-the-job injury can cause significant time away from work and even a permanent disability. For example, common injuries for construction workers range from back and brain injuries, to neck and shoulder injuries, to burns and lacerations.

The time away from work to recover from these injuries can lead to financial difficulties at the worst possible moment, when a person needs to not only pay for the normal costs of life, but also medical treatment.

We can help. We regularly guide clients through the workers’ compensation system. If successful, injured workers can receive benefits that can help pay for lost wages and medical bills. We have helped our clients recover millions of dollars. We have had that level of success because we understand the issues that face New York construction workers, and we take the time to become experts in our clients’ specific circumstances.

To learn more about construction-worker injuries and how our firm can help, please visit our page covering construction injuries. One click could be the first step toward getting the benefits injured workers need to move forward with their life.


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