Reshad Fedahi Did Not Have “Dead” Left Arm…Did Not Know Bob Simon

As reported earlier, Morgan Levine Dolan has been retained to represent Reshad Fedahi to assist in the investigation of the car accident in which Bob Simon was killed.  Many media outlets have been reporting wrong facts about Mr. Fedahi.

Mr. Fedahi did not have a “dead” left arm.  He had a limitation of use of his right arm as a result of a prior injury.  This limitation did not result in a 100% loss of use of the right arm.  As a matter of fact, Mr. Fedahi had both hands on the wheel as he operated his vehicle.  As a result of this accident he reinjured his right hand, sustaining a fracture which required surgery. 

While the facts and circumstances surrounding this accident remain unclear, it is important to not jump to conclusions.  Mr. Fedahi has been cooperating with authorities.  Once all of the facts are exposed, Mr. Fedahi will make a statement.


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