We help construction workers hurt on the job

Manhattan boasts one of the greatest skylines the world has ever seen. Famous buildings jut skyward in every direction. But those buildings were not conjured into existence; they were built with the blood, sweat and toil of construction workers — bricks fell, beams swung loose and accidents happened. The result was serious — even fatal — injuries.

Today, when those accidents happen, New York construction workers do not have to deal with the aftermath on their own. They do not have to jump through the legal hurdles on their own. To the contrary, we may be able to help secure workers’ compensation benefits — not to mention other benefits in some cases.

Getting help can be crucial. On-the-job injuries often result in major injuries, injuries involving a worker’s back, brain and many other area body parts. Those injuries can permanently disable workers. It also makes investigating their case, filling out the paperwork and so forth difficult to do — especially immediately after the accident. Getting those things done quickly and correctly is critical because delays and mistakes can cause benefits to be denied when they are needed the most.

We understand those issues. Indeed, we have spent decades building that understanding. Just as construction workers go to work day in and day out, we have done the same. In the process, we have developed an impressive track record of effective representation for construction workers hurt on the job.

To learn more about on-the-job injuries and how we can help, check out our website.


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