We know how to handle claims for on-the-job injuries

New Yorkers are used to construction because on any given day, crews can be seen constructing new buildings, repairing older buildings and doing just about everything in between. But, all of that construction comes at a cost, which sometimes mean injured workers. Construction workers hurt in a construction and the families of those who were killed have legal options.

Those options are critical because an on-the-job injury can lead to serious hardships. In the best cases, a worker may have to take a long break from work. In worse cases, a worker may be disabled and never able to go back to work. In the worst cases, a worker is killed. In each case, the worker may rack up hefty medical expenses and lose out on future wages.

New Yorkers should never have to go it alone when filing for benefits and compensation. They should not have to wade through the paperwork without help. They should not have to risk making a mistake that could end in their benefits being denied.

Fortunately, they do not have to. We can help. We have a track record of effectively helping union members and other workers who have endured on-the-job injuries. Just ask our clients — we have helped them collect over $130 million.

How have we been so successful? Because we understand the workers’ compensation system; we also understand how to expand our client’s options even further by getting compensation outside the worker’s compensation system.

To learn more about workers’ compensation and how our firm can help, New Yorkers may want to check out our website. Once there, you’ll discover further information about on-the-injuries and how to handle them. One click could be the start toward putting a difficult time in the past where it belongs.


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