Father breaks down in tears at trial over son’s on-the-job death

New York is blessed with one of the world’s great skylines. But that skyline has come with a price paid in blood and tears: the blood of those hurt and killed in construction accidents and the tears of those who mourn the fallen.

Take, for example, an elderly father who recently wept on the stand while testifying at his son’s wrongful-death case. The son died while working on the Upper East Side when he was crushed under a crane that collapsed.

The lawsuit alleges that New York Crane and Equipment Corporation created a dangerous work site. It allegedly did so by using a poorly-repaired part made by an untested manufacturer.

The son’s elderly father came all the way from Kosovo to testify. Holding back tears, the father lamented the loss and the fact that his son did not get to enjoy a full life. He also told the jury that his son sent him $4,000 per year. That money was crucial to the father, a farmer who only made $300 a month.

Like the father, the families of New Yorkers who die in a construction accident have legal options. Those options will not bring back their loved one, but they can provide compensation to make the financial consequences of the death less onerous. Families can receive compensation for medical expenses, lost future wages, pain and suffering and more.

The families of New Yorkers with a loved one who was killed on a construction site may benefit from discussing their legal options. Doing so could be the first step towards holding the appropriate parties responsible for the death of a loved one.

Source: New York Post, “Weeping on the stand, dad recounts son’s brutal on-the-job death,” Julia Marsh, Dec. 15, 2014


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