Injured in a car accident? We can help.

Many New Yorkers take cars for granted. People get in a car and go on their way, seldom thinking for a moment that they won’t reach their destination safely. But travelling by car is among the most dangerous things a person does during a normal day. All it takes is one slip up.

When that slip up occurs, New Yorkers get injured. Often those injuries are to the neck, back or brain. In the worst cases, people die or are paralyzed. Whatever the injuries, New Yorkers and their loved ones deserve compensation to help them with the medical expenses, lost wages and pain and suffering that come with car-accident injuries.

We can help. Morgan Levine Dolan, P.C., has the skills and experiences New Yorkers need when they are trying to maximize the compensation they receive. In fact, our clients have received over $130 million in compensation over the years.

Part of the success is because we provide comprehensive representation. From start to finish, we make sure our clients get the help and attention they deserve. That starts with proper medical care and continues throughout the case.

We handle all car accidents, from rear-end collisions to head-on collisions, from rollovers to side impact/T-bone accidents. We even handle cases where the other driver was uninsured.

New Yorkers interested in learning more about car accidents and how our decades of experience can help them should visit our website. On the site, we have information about dozens of types of accidents. One click could be the first step towards getting the compensation you deserve; one click could be the start to moving forward with your life.


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