Legal help is paramount for slip and fall injuries

Because New York is such a busy place with various kinds of weather, there are times that property and business owners might lapse in adhering to all safety requirements. This can lead to slip and fall accidents and injuries. Whether this occurs because of a broken or icy sidewalk, because something fell from the property or for some other reason, the property owner may be responsible for what happens. Those who are hurt in an accident on someone else’s property — or family members, in the case of a fatal accident — should understand how to pursue compensation.

Slip and fall injuries can place a person in the hospital for an extended period. They might need rehabilitation and long-term care to regain some semblance of normalcy. This can cost a significant amount in medical bills. The injured person might not be able to return to work, causing more financial hardship. If there is a death, the family left behind might not be able to make ends meet without the breadwinner. The person who died might have been a stay at home parent or a young person beginning his or her life. A substantial amount of damage can be done because of a negligent property owner.

.If, for example, a person walks into a grocery store, unknowingly encounters a spill and slips, the store may be responsible for its failure to keep the floor clean. Incidents can happen on construction sites, on personal property, in hotels that fail to provide proper security for their guests and for numerous other reasons.

Having legal representation with experience in cases involving premises liability is the key to successful litigation.

At our firm, the attorneys have years of experience handling cases such as these. We offer a free initial consultation and begin our investigation right away. We offer contingent fees in which our attorneys only collect fees when the client wins his or her case. For more information, see our premises liability page.


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