Five injuries and one fatality suffered in pedestrian crash

The streets of New York can be dangerous for drivers and pedestrians. Car accidents can happen at any time and cause injuries and fatalities. These accidents can happen for a multitude of reasons from recklessness, negligence, a driver operating a vehicle under the influence or simply due to bad luck. Those who are hurt or lose a loved one in a car accident will have a great deal to think about in the accident’s aftermath.

An 8-year-old girl was killed and a 9-year-old girl and four women were injured as a car drove into them outside an elementary school. The accident happened when a 55-year-old female driver in a Honda Accord drove onto the sidewalk in front of the school at approximately 2:45 p.m. The ages of the women who were hurt in addition to the 9-year-old were from 26 to 66. Those who suffered injuries are expected to survive. Police investigating the incident have yet to file charges against the driver, but the investigation is ongoing.

With car accidents, there can be massive medical costs and long-term issues that must be dealt with. Those who were hurt might not be able to care for themselves or will require extensive rehabilitation to restore some level of functionality. If there is a death, those who are left behind will have to move forward without a treasured member of the family. No matter what kind of car crash happens, it’s important that those who were affected by it know how to move forward with potential litigation to receive compensation.

In this case, a young girl was killed and five other people were hurt when a vehicle drove onto the sidewalk at an elementary school. For grieving families, it’s important that a full investigation be conducted. For that, a wise first step is to discuss the matter with a legal professional experienced in car accidents.

Source: New York Times, “Car kills a girl outside a Bronx school,” Oct. 24, 2014


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