Seven injured, one critically, in New York car accident

A car accident can quickly snowball into a devastating multi-vehicle affair. All it takes is one event to trigger a chain reaction and pretty soon multiple victims suffer injuries before they can even process what happened. When it is the negligent actions of one or more of the drivers involved that triggers this chain reaction, victims have rights. They may be able to pursue legal action against the driver at fault and obtain monetary compensation that can be a big step on the path to physical, emotional and financial recovery.

A devastating multi-vehicle accident occurred recently on a New York highway. Traffic was brought to a halt after an accident involving multiple vehicles occurred in the Lincoln Tunnel. Seven victims were injured in the accident, one of which was said to be in critical condition.

Authorities said the accident involved a minibus and two other vehicles. The accident occurred in the morning after a red-colored BMW drove at high speeds into the tunnel before crashing into a Mercedes van. This collision propelled the van into a minibus.

Following the accident, one of the passengers in the Mercedes van was said to be in critical condition. The passenger had trouble breathing and the emergency was called a cardiac arrest. Two of the other victims were also taken to the hospital and their conditions were considered serious. Four other victims also received medical attention on the scene.

Whether a victim receives medical attention at the scene of a car accident or in a hospital, such treatments can prove to be expensive. Likewise, victims may have to take time off of work while they recover, which can result in a substantial loss of income. In order to relieve some of this financial burden, victims may choose to pursue compensation by taking legal action against a negligent driver.

Source: NBC New York, “Chain Reaction Crash in Lincoln Tunnel Snarls Traffic, Hurts 7: Port Authority,” Sept. 2, 2014


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