Man dies in accident at New York air brake manufacturer

As many New Yorkers can likely attest to, some work environments are more dangerous than others. In general, construction sites and manufacturing warehouses are more dangerous than, say, office environments. However, accidents and injuries can occur in any kind of work environment. Oftentimes, when such accidents occur, victims have rights and may be eligible for workers’ compensation. In the most tragic cases, victims may succumb to their injuries and pass away, in which case the families of victims can often pursue compensation.

Tragically, a man was recently killed while on the job in northern New York. The man worked for a New York air brake manufacturer. While performing his duties, the man became trapped below heavy equipment. The man was attempting to move the heavy equipment. Sadly, he succumbed to his injuries and was killed as a result of the work accident.

The 28-year-old victim left behind two daughters, ages 4 and 2, along with one son, who is 1 year old. The family has started a fundraiser for the children who are in desperate need of financial support in the absence of their father. What’s more, the New York air brake manufacturer is investigating the accident to try to determine a cause.

No matter what the cause, victims and the families of victims of work-related injuries have rights. They are oftentimes eligible for workers’ compensation. A skilled personal injury attorney with experience in workers’ compensation can help victims and their families understand what options are available to them. By filing for workers’ compensation, victims and their families may be able to receive the monetary relief they need to move on in their lives. Though never able to undo what happened, workers’ compensation may prove to be a valuable financial remedy.

Source: Watertown Daily Times, “Time of need: Funds sought for children of man killed in industrial accident,” Sept. 5, 2014


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