What damages can be claimed in a car accident?

New Yorkers who have been in a car accident know how traumatic they can be. Oftentimes, a person may walk away from a car accident with debilitating injuries and heavy financial burdens. For some, this may lead them to pursue legal action in order to help alleviate some of this financial strain. However, there is much to consider when taking such an action, and it is often helpful to make sure every decision along the way is informed by legal expertise.

One such consideration is what damages to claim. There are a number of damages that a person can claim in a personal injury lawsuit if he or she has suffered car accident injuries. Medical expenses make up the majority of these claims, but there are a number of other damages that may be claimed as well, such as lost wages, pain and suffering, diminished employment opportunities, loss of affection and more.

Pain and suffering is given the legal definition of any mental or physical duress that allows one to seek damages in a lawsuit. Lost wages are considered any ways that a person’s injuries have caused them to lose earning capacity. Loss of affection involves any ways in which a person may no longer be able to show their spouse affection, such as sexual activity.

As many are aware, it is vital that victims undergo a medical examination following a car accident. However, medical examinations and follow up treatments can be expenses. There are a number of other medical expenses that can arise as well, such as ambulance fees and expenses related to physical or cognitive therapy, health care consultations, disfigurement, permanent disability and the like. Attorneys are available to help calculate the likely costs of such ailments.

Source: Findlaw, “What kinds of damages may I claim for car accident injuries?,” Accessed on August 17, 2014

Source: Findlaw, “What kinds of damages may I claim for car accident injuries?,” Accessed on August 17, 2014


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