Off-duty New York state trooper arrested after DWI crash

Being intoxicated greatly impairs a person’s ability to safely operate a motor vehicle. The decision to get intoxicated is one that puts many lives in danger. A drunk driver is less likely to spot anything that enters into their lane unexpectedly, like a biker, and respond quickly. Understandably, victims and the families of victims of drunk drivers are often devastated following such an accident. Suffering injuries or losing a loved one because of a drunk driver’s reckless decisions is a horrific and traumatic experience.

According to reports, an off-duty New York trooper was arrested following a two-vehicle crash. The trooper is being accused of DWI. The state trooper is from the Bronx.

Police said that the off-duty trooper allegedly barreled into the back of another trooper’s car on a Sunday morning. The on-duty police officer was in his patrol car when his vehicle was unexpectedly rear-ended. The driver of the rear-ending vehicle was later identified to be the off-duty trooper after he was pulled over around 200 feet down the road.

The off-duty police officer failed sobriety tests. His blood alcohol content was found to be .21. This is almost three times the legal limit in New York. He was arrested for DWI, as well as leaving the scene of the accident, and has been suspended from the force. The on-duty officer suffered a minor back injury in the crash.

Car accidents involving drunk drivers can involve many injuries. These injuries can be life altering for the victims. Oftentimes, the financial burdens resulting from these injuries can be difficult to bear. However, some victims may be entitled to monetary compensation in car accidents involving drunk drivers. Though never able to erase the trauma, compensation can help to alleviate the financial burdens.

Source: News 12, “Off-duty Trooper Brendan Murphy, of the Bronx, accused of DWI after striking patrol car on Southern State Parkway,” July 28, 2014


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