Construction accident causes fatal injury to worker in New York

Construction sites are among the most dangerous work environments that a New York resident can be exposed to. Falls from scaffolding, electrocution and machinery malfunctions put construction workers at constant risk. Because of the dangerous nature of construction jobs, OSHA has made a number of efforts to set up regulation that should prevent many of these accidents. However, despite the many regulations that construction workers are expected to abide by, construction site accidents are still unfortunately common.

A recent construction accident in New York had tragic consequences. According to reports, a subcontractor working at a New York computer chip manufacturing plant construction site was tragically killed. The New York man, 54, was working with a six-man team. The team was tasked with installing an industrial air exchanger into a fourth floor opening.

Following the fatal accident, New York State Police say all construction at the facility was suspended. Reports confirmed that the site had been secured and there is no further danger. Production of the computer chips within the facility was not affected by the accident. Reports say that the construction project that the man was working on is one of the largest projects currently being worked on in New York.

Depending on the size of the construction site, there can be any number of individuals involved. This can be important when determining the potential liability of those involved in the construction accident. After someone suffers on-the-job injuries or is killed in a tragic work accident, victims and their families have rights. If it is not appropriate to take legal action against one of the parties involved, victims and their families may still be able to pursue a workers’ compensation claim. Legal professionals are available to help victims and their families decide on what action is appropriate.

Source: Albany Business Review, “Subcontractor dies following accident at GlobalFoundries plant, construction halted,” Keshia Clukey, June 27, 2014


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