Garbage truck crash in New York leaves 2 injured

In what seems like a second, a person’s life can be forever changed in a car accident. Although they may not be aware of it at the time, that split second can spawn myriad complications that can prove to be dramatically life-altering for victims. Not only can a car accident inflict a victim with physical injuries, causing long-term pain and suffering and requiring long-term treatment, a car accident can result in a plethora of medical expenses that can be highly burdensome for victims and their families.

A recent crash in New York resulted in injuries. The crash occurred after a private garbage truck that was travelling southbound on a street in New York rear-ended a stopped delivery truck. As a result of the collision, the delivery truck driver and a sanitation worker were both injured. Both had to be taken to the hospital and treated for what were said to be serious injuries. They are in stable condition.

A witness who saw the crash claimed that the delivery truck was stopped in order to make a delivery when, for no apparent reason, the garbage truck slammed into it from behind. The witness, a food cart vendor, then saw the ambulance arrive and one of the victims was being carried on a stretcher — he did not appear to be moving.

Following car accidents, it is often prudent to make use of eyewitness reports when building a case against a negligent driver. Such testimonies can strengthen a victim’s argument in proving the liability of the other driver, thereby helping them to better their chances at obtaining compensation. Compensation from a successful negligence lawsuit can oftentimes help victims alleviate some of the financial burden resulting from a car accident.

Source: DNAinfo New York, “2 People Seriously Hurt in Garbage Truck Crash, FDNY Says,” Trevor Kapp, Aidan Gardiner, April 22, 2014


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