Fall seriously injures New York construction worker

Unfortunately, construction site accidents are common occurrences. Due to the nature of the work and the many hazards present on construction sites, construction workers are at constant risk of suffering work-related injuries. Even with the many OSHA regulations aimed at promoting workplace safety, these accidents still continue to occur. While it may not always be possible to prevent construction accidents, victims are often able to pursue compensation for damages that result from such accidents when they do occur.

A recent construction accident that occurred in New York City resulted in injuries for one man. The man, a carpenter who was only on his second day as an employee when the accident occurred, fell 15 feet from a New York construction site after unhooking his safety gear. According to the accounts of the New York Fire Department and another worker, the fall from the structure’s second story resulted in head and shoulder injuries.

A violation was issued by the Department of Buildings for failing to safeguard all properties and persons. What’s more, the DOB issued a stop work order. The company operating the construction site was also involved in another incident in which a worker cut his middle finger and a violation was issued. The company had not released any comment regarding the accident.

Immediately following a construction site accident, there are a number of things workers should do to protect their rights. After receiving necessary medical attention, workers should consider reporting the injury to the employer or manager, making sure to write down the name of the person who was notified. Next, it can be helpful to gather the contact information of anyone who may serve as witnesses. Preserving evidence — such as taking photographs of the injuries — can also prove helpful.

All of this can be helpful when pursuing a workers’ compensation claim or proving the liability of another party involved at the scene of the accident. With the right help, construction workers can get compensation for the injuries they suffer on the job.

Source: DNAinfo New York, “Construction Worker Seriously Hurt in Fall Near High Line, FDNY says,” Trevor Kapp, Aidan Gardiner, April 29, 2014


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