Two women injured in two-car crash in New York

When two or more cars collide, the collision can have effects that continue long after the collision has ceased. In that second of collision, lives can be forever changed and victims may suffer great trauma. While healing from this trauma, victims should not also have to suffer with financial strains forced on them by another driver’s negligence.

Two women were injured following a two-car accident in New York, according to reports. On a Wednesday morning, the two cars collided near a New York college. Emergency crews arrived on the scene and found that both drivers had suffered injuries. Among these emergency vehicles were ambulances and a heavy rescue truck. Firefighters helped to secure the damaged vehicles as well.

Both drivers were transported to nearby hospitals via ambulances for treatment. Meanwhile, New York State Police were conducting an accident investigation.

When police investigate an accident, they are likely looking for a cause. There are a variety of causes in car accidents — road conditions, drunk driving, distracted driving, and the like. Some of these causes, like drunk driving or distracted driving, may result in another driver being liable for the damages in an accident. In such cases, victims may be able to bring negligence claims to court. Such claims are often aided by strong legal strategies that incorporate medical reports and investigation evidence in order to prove another driver’s liability.

By proving another driver’s liability, victims can sometimes obtain compensation. Compensation, though never able to erase the emotional trauma, can be of great aid in helping victims recover financially from a motor vehicle accident.

Source:, “Drivers Injured in Two-Car Crash Near Ithaca College,” April 9, 2014


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