Driver in New York wrong-way crash charged with negligence

Negligence is a word that frequently appears in car accident cases. Basically, it is a term that describes a situation where a person fails to exercise the amount of care necessary to prevent a foreseeable accident. A person may be found guilty of negligence if they fail to exercise the amount of caution that a prudent person would in a similar situation.

A man is being charged with criminal negligence following a wrong-way car accident in New York. The crash occurred after a man, driving south in a northbound lane on a New York bridge, struck another vehicle head-on. A passenger in the other vehicle, a woman, died as a result of the collision.

As a result of the woman’s death, the wrong-way driver is now facing charges of criminal negligent homicide, according to reports. Though it was not stated whether there were any other injuries, reports stated that three other vehicles also became involved in the accident. The wrong-way driver claimed to have been confused by the street signs, also stating that he could only remember very little in regards to the accident. The evidence they used to arrest the man had not yet been released.

There are many types of evidence that the families of victims can make use of when pursuing a negligence or wrongful death claim in court. Eyewitness reports, vehicle damages, medical reports and myriad other kinds of evidence can be used to help prove the liability of other drivers involved in car accidents. Though it will not erase the tragedy loved have been forced to endure, a successful lawsuit can help them obtain compensation that can help with the financial hurt resulting from a car accident.

Source: The Record, “New York wrong-way driver charged with homicide in crash,” March 28, 2014


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