Worker fatally injured in New York train accident

All jobs have varying levels of risk. Some, though, present more risk than others. For example, a construction site worker is faced with more hazards in day-to-day life than an office employee. But regardless of where the person was employed, when an accident occurred, workplace accidents oftentimes allow victims or their families to pursue compensation.

A recent accident in New York resulted in the tragic death of a worker. The railroad worker, a 58-year-old man, was involved in a devastating accident that was one of a number of railroad accidents of a similar nature over the past year. While working on the tracks, the man was struck by a train. He was pronounced dead at a nearby hospital where he was taken.

An investigation began shortly following the accident. Both the National Transportation Safety board and the New York Police Department were supposed to be involved.

The victim of the accident had been an employee for eight years.

The crew he was working with was attempting to restore power back to the tracks. The tracks were closed for maintenance. For reasons that were unclear at the time, the 58-year-old railroad worker entered into a section of the track that was active.

Work accidents can occur at the most unexpected times. When family members see their loved ones off to work, they usually do not anticipate such a tragedy. Sadly, workplace accidents and on-the-job injuries are a reality and the families of victims are often times left to handle an emotionally devastating situation. What they should not be further burdened with, however, is the financial strain that often results from such a tragedy. Workers’ compensation can often times offer victims and their families exclusive remedy for this financial hurt.

Source: New York Times, “In Latest Metro-North Accident, Worker Is Fatally Stuck by Train in East Harlem,” Matt Flegenheimer, March 10, 2014


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