Multi-vehicle crash in New York results in seven people injured

There is a good chance that victims will suffer injuries following a multi-vehicle accident. Many of these accidents involve high speeds. Considering the high speeds involved, as well as the number of vehicles, a multi-vehicle crash can leave many victims devastated. Victims can suffer a variety of injuries — including spinal injuries, head trauma, broken bones and the like — and many may be forced to shoulder hefty medical expenses that result from a crash.

A recent multi-vehicle crash in New York resulted in numerous injuries, according to reports. Early evening on a Saturday, a sedan ran a red light at a New York intersection. Another vehicle struck the sedan, setting off a chain reaction. The sedan hit another vehicle, and then collided with three parked cars. Seven people suffered injuries following the crash. The driver of the sedan was facing charges, one of which was driving with a suspended license.

Almost no one foresees a car accident. Whether they are driving to work or the supermarket, the thought of an accident occurring probably does not cross the minds of many New York drivers. Accidents are oftentimes sudden and unexpected. And when they do occur, victims’ lives may be abruptly altered as they now have to suffer with injuries and medical expenses that can become very burdensome.

When an accident is caused by the negligent actions of another driver, victims sometimes choose to pursue compensation from the driver at fault. Pursuing compensation — that is, filing a negligence claim in court — can help victims recover many of the costs associated with vehicle damages and accident injuries. A claim can oftentimes be strengthened by a vigorous, aggressive and informed legal strategy.

Source: News NY 1, “Seven People Injured in Multi-Car Crash in Queens,” Mar. 2, 2014


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