New York trooper involved in accident in stable condition

New York residents who spend a lot of time on the road know how common car accidents are. Just by observing the roads, one gets a sense of how frequently these accidents occur; it is not uncommon to see two vehicles pulled onto the shoulder after a crash. Anyone who has ever been in a car accident is likely aware of how suddenly an accident occurs. One minute someone may be peacefully listening to their car radio, and the next they are being violently thrown around as they lose control of their vehicle.

A New York trooper driving a state police-owned sedan was suddenly thrown into a head-on car crash, according to reports. The trooper, a woman, was headed southbound on a two-lane highway when an SUV driven by a 38-year-old woman crashed into the trooper’s vehicle head-on. After reconstructing the scene, police determined that the accident occurred in the south bound lane. The police trooper was transported to a nearby hospital with non-life threatening injuries. The other driver and her passenger were not injured in the crash.

Injuries following car accidents are common. Injuries often require long-term treatment, and this treatment can come at a hefty price. Victims are left to deal with medical bills that are difficult to bear. Thankfully, in cases that involve negligent drivers, victims can take legal action in order to secure compensation. Compensation can be used to help alleviate some of this burden so victims can begin moving forward in their lives, free from the financial strain forced upon them.

Source: Times Union, “NY trooper involved in head-on crash is OK,” Feb. 19, 2014


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