Range Rovers recalled for airbags

Motorists in New York and throughout the United States may be affected by a Range Rover recall issued by Land Rover in early 2014. The recall is for the 2013-2014 Range Rovers equipped with airbags that may not properly deploy in a collision. This is a mechanical malfunction that may significantly increase the likelihood and severity of injuries in the event of a car wreck. The recall includes more than 3,900 Range Rover SUVs in the United States.

The defect is due to a connector that may lose contact and cause the airbag to become inoperative. The Supplemental Restraint System connector, located within the front seats, may come loose because there is not enough space in the housing that holds the connector. If the SRS connector does detach, the side airbags for the riders in the front seats may not deploy. People sitting in the front of these vehicles are susceptible to an increased risk of injury if involved in a collision that warrants side-airbag deployment.

Land Rover has already started contacting customers that may be affected by the Range Rover recall. In order to rectify the connector issue, local dealerships are expected to modify the housing that holds the connector in order to prevent it from detaching. This service will be provided free of charge for customers who own a 2013-2014 Rover that’s affected by the recall.

Some of the injuries people typically suffer in an automobile accident include neck trauma, brain or head trauma, broken bones, knee injuries and internal damage of soft tissue trauma like whiplash. A local lawyer may be able to help injured motorists or passengers recover restitution to help mitigate lost wages, medical expenses or extensive costs associated with vehicle repairs.

Source: Motor Authority, “2013-2014 Land Rover Range Rover Recalled Due To Airbag Issue“, Viknesh Vijayenthiran, January 03, 2014


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