Falling Sign Injures Two People on Fulton Street and Bedford Avenue in Bedford-Stuyvesant Amid High Winds

Two pedestrians were hospitalized after the sign from a large discount department store in Brooklyn fell from the building’s facade, along with a piece of the roof, on Sunday morning as high winds blew through the city.

Employees at M&S Bargain Hunters, on the corner of Fulton Street and Bedford Avenue in Bed-Stuy, said they heard a loud noise and looked out the window to see the sign, which extends about half a block on Bedford to Brevoort Place, completely ripped down, injuring the two pedestrians. A piece of the parapet, the low wall around the edge of a roof, also came down in the collapse.

The victims, who were not identified, were both rushed to Kings County Hospital in serious condition after the 11 a.m. incident outside of the Fulton Street shop.One woman struck by the sign was bleeding in the face, and a man was bleeding in the head.

It is the responsibility of a store owner to make sure their signs are properly maintained and inspected.  Many times, store owners fail to perform routine inspections or their properties, especially in hard to reach locations.

This case does not necessarily fall within the Act of God exceptions to accident and injury liability.  Hiring the right lawyer to investigate the true cause of an accident is very important.

If you or a loved one have been injured by falling debris, please contact Jared Levine at Morgan Levine Dolan today.


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